Lelo Ida

Lelo Ida

Lelo Ida Overview

The Lelo Ida is designed as a hetero couples sex toy to be used during intercourse.  The vibrator can also be used solo, or with a partner that wishes to use the remote to pleasure you.  As for using it during sex, it’s designed so that both partners would feel the vibrations during intercourse with the top of the Ida concentrating the vibration on the female’s clitoris, while the insertable vibrations would be felt internally by the female and along the penis by the male .

The Lelo Ida is a waterproof and rechargeable vibrator, though the remote does require 2 AAA batteries.  Lelo says the vibrator will provide 2 hours of pleasure for each full charge with the included charging cable.  This is a silicone based toy so be sure to only use waterproof lube so as not to cause discoloration or degrade the toys silicone.  There are 8 stimulation modes, 6 controllable by the controller or device, and 2 are motion controlled.

Lelo Ida Features

The insertable part of the Ida is quite thick, which is not a problem for toys on their own, but if you plan on having a male member join in the fun you might find the area a little full.  Some people, like myself, enjoy that full feeling, but for others the fullness might be too much.  This also might be due to anatomy, the combination of a larger penis and smaller vagina might make it more difficult to use and enjoy.  Be sure to use extra lube as this is a silicone toy so you avoid any dragging sensation for those that might be moving in and out.  On the other hand I did not find the vibration to be that intense, and neither did my husband, and used for solo play I thought the other Lelo vibrators like the Soraya and the Ina 2 to have more umph.  In theory I love the concept of having a vibrator stay in place during sex so I can concentrate on other items, as well as something to pleasure my husband too.  For us, this was not the product, but I have heard great things from other couples so I can’t be sure if it’s our anatomy, or expectations.

Who is the Lelo Ida For?

The Lelo Ida was designed for hetero couple sex so that the man and woman could feel vibration during intercourse.  The Ida’s design is intended to vibrate the female’s clitoris to hopefully reach orgasm during sex, while stimulating the male’s penis during intercourse.  This vibrator, since it has a remote, could technically be used while out and about.  If you plan on using the vibrator outside of the house, make sure the woman is wearing tight underwear to hold in the vibrator as it has a tendency to slip out.  Using the vibrator at home can also be enjoyable as the partner can control the vibration by using the remote.  The Lelo Ida can have many potential uses as a vibrator to be used during couples play or even solo.

Lelo Ida Cleaning

Like most toys a simple rinse under warm water with a little mild soap will clean up the Lelo Ida nicely, make sure to pat dry and store in a cool dry place.

Lelo Ida Lube

As for lube, since the Lelo Ida is a Silicone toy you need to make sure you use a water based lubricant or you will risk damaging the toy either by discoloration or by the lube creating small cracks or fissures, which allow bacteria to live and hide in the small cracks and holes making it difficult to clean.  You can check here for our pick for Best Water Based Lubes.

LELO Ida The World's First Rotating and Vibrating Remote-Controlled Couples' Vibrator, Cerise

LELO Ida The World's First Rotating and Vibrating Remote-Controlled Couples' Vibrator, Cerise













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