jimmyjane form 2 vibrator

Jimmyjane Form 2

jimmyjane form 2 vibratorOverview

The Jimmyjane Form 2 is such a cute and odd looking vibrator, and from the pictures online I assumed it would be quite large, but luckily once received I saw that it fit nicely in my hands and didn’t look too odd up close.  The Form 2 is unique in that, while it has two motors, each ear has it’s own, which allows you to pinch and surround your clitoris (In a good way of course).

The vibrators are also extremely powerful, so you will certainly enjoy the focused attention your clitoris will receive when using both ears to surround or pinch.


Jimmyjane Form 2 Features

The vibrator is rechargeable which I love, and is only 3.2″ by 1.9″ at it’s widest point.  Body safe and Phthalate-Free, waterproof, and travel ready, this vibe has a lot of positives.

Jimmyjane Form 2 Advice

While for me it wasn’t clear how to use this vibe when looking at it online, I found out quickly there’s a lot one can do with this unconventional vibrator.  My favorite ways to use it are to surround my clitoris or labia, and gently (or roughly depending on my mood) squeeze the ears together to really focus the vibration.  I also like to, with some lube, slide the vibrator up and down between my labia and every so often hit my clitoris.  My husband likes to hold the base with his one hand and using a little pressure to squeeze the base of the ears together to tease me on different parts of my body, from nipples to clit, to around my vagina.

Who is the Jimmyjane Form 2 for?

This is a great vibrator, it’s well made as is typical of the Jimmyjane line of toys, so this vibe will be best for the couple looking for a solid vibrator, one with enough power to get you off, and one that is easy to travel with.  I like having rabbit vibes, wands, and dildos, but the ones I often reach for are simple vibes for that nice intense clitoral orgasm.

Jimmyjane Form 2 Cleaning

Like other silicone toys, cleanup is a breeze with just some mild soap and warm water.

Jimmyjane Form 2 Lube

As for lube, since the Jimmyjane Form 2 is a Silicone based toy you need to make sure you use a water based lubricant.  Not using a water based lube could damage the toy either by discoloration or by the lube creating small cracks or fissures, which allow bacteria to live and hide in the small cracks and holes making it difficult to clean.  You can check here for our pick for Best Water Based Lubes.

Jimmyjane Form 2 USB Waterproof Vibrator, Pink, FFP

Jimmyjane Form 2 USB Waterproof Vibrator, Pink, FFP












            • - Build quality is excellent
            • - Stimulation, especially with both ears, is outstanding
            • - Rechargeable


            • - Cost
            • - To small for G Spot
            • - Noisy


            1. Jona

              My wife loves when I use the Form 2 on her, and she loves it alone. It was a great buy.

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