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Best Water Based Lube – 2016

Water Based Lube

For those that like to use silicone based toys like Lelo Soraya or Lelo Loki Wave, (and who doesn’t?) A good water based lube is essential to not only getting you all nice and lubed up to prevent friction, allow for easier insertion, and just for a lot of fun, you need water based lubes to not degrade the nice fancy toys you have in your sex toy chest, or stashed in your closet.  I once forgot about this issue, or just didn’t believe the hype, until one trip I packed silicone lube in a baggie with some Silicone Ben-Wah balls.  When I got home I saw the silicone lube leaked (as that container always leaked) and created a pool of lube within the plastic baggie.  Inside that pool was the silicone ben-wah ball, and the lube had deteriorated the silicone that there was a giant gaping hole!!  Lesson Learned, what the internet says about silicone lube and silicone toys is true.

Our Pick

We are big fans of the Shibari Intimate Lubricant and so are shoppers on Amazon as it’s the #1 rated lube listed.   Why is it great? Well for starters I’ve always loved silicone lubes for their long lasting ability, usually I would just need one application and we, or I, am good for a very long time.  Normally with water based lubes we would need to reapply, or use some water or saliva to get that slippery sensation back.  With the Shibari lube I found that it did a great job of lasting longer than most water based lubes.   Shibari also leaves my skin feeling well moisturized, it’s made in the USA (Win!), and the texture of the Shibari lube is amazing.  Water based lubes that I’ve tried usually are pretty water (no kidding!) and as a result don’t last as long since they dry out.  With Shibari it literally feels like thick water, and when it drys up my skin feels amazing!

Runner Up

Other Water Based Lube options

Water Based Lubes vs Silicone Based Lubes

I personally love silicone lube for the simple fact that it lasts and lasts and lasts.  A little appled goes a seriously long way, and for just intercouse or anal sex I wouldn’t hesitate to use it.  The only con is the clean up.  Have you ever used silicone based lube in the shower and forget to really scrub it away from the bottom of the tub to forget the next day as you get into the shower completely bleary eyed?  You have?  Me to, and I nealy killed myself slipping out of the tub.  No more, we have a ban on using it in the shower or if it’s a must, then we have clean up rules in place.  The other area I don’t like about silicone lube is cleaning it out of fabric like our nice fancy sheets.  The short of it is that it doesn’t come out, and I’ve tried everything I can think of.  So now we just put a towel down and hope there isn’t any gushing or splashing.

Water Based Lube Cleanup

Cleaning up water based lube is really simple, either let it dry and it will come out of the wash, or a simple wet cloth and some mild soap and it’s gone.  It’s nothing like the silicone lube that never comes out, or makes the floor an ice skating rink.

Water Based Lube Ingredients

Water based lubes usually contain a few ingredients, with purified water making up the largest percentage, plant cellulose, potassium sorbate, and a guar conditioner or thickening agent are also usually found.  Many newer water based lubes include a moisturizing component, and I’ve found that many no longer leave that residual stickiness that I’ve never enjoyed.  In terms of what to look for in a water based lube, make sure you find lubes that are unscented and do not contain Glycerin, parabens, petrochemicals, or BPA.  Glycerin has been known to cause irritation in some people, and the others are generally not advisable, especially for sensitive areas.   Hopefully the product you are using lists the active ingredients, otherwise you can easily look up the product on the manufacturer’s website to find the ingredient list.

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