Sarah LititzAbout Me

Hi My name is Sarah Lititz, I currently am involved in multiple areas outside of my 9-5, these areas include being a positive sex advocate, a sex educator, and I love the experience of using sex toys with my husband.  Sex is fantastic by itself, but in my experience it’s a whole lot more fun when you involve accessories that vibrate, penetrate, or add to the sexual experience in one way or another.  Over the years I’ve collected quite the collection of sex toys, so I decided to help others find the best sex toys to use, not only by yourself, but with your partner.

I obviously have a hetero bias as I am married to a man, so many of my reviews will often take that approach, but I will do my best to include all couples in my reviews.  If you have a question or comment, or want me to review a new toy, please let me know!