Best Sex Toys for Couples

Best Sex Toys For Couples ReviewedHere at Best Sex Toys for Couples we love finding the best sex toys and sharing our reviews with you. Over the years we realized we amassed quite a collection of toys, from the expensive ones to the cheap sex toys, and everything in between. We have always found a place in our lives to use a toy, or bring one with, as we find they add a lot of spice into the bedroom. Our first foray into toys was with the typical Rabbit Vibrator from Sex and the City, then we moves on to the Hitachi Magic Wand, and from there the gates were opened to the toys from Lelo, Fun Factory, and Tantus.

There are so many vibrators, dildos, and anal toys to choose and try, and we know we are all busy in our lives that we realistically can’t spend every night trying out toys, so we set out to try and help you find the best toys for you and your life. What is exciting is that the best sex toys for couples can also be used with solo masturbation, toys to use with your partner, or gifts for friends. Ultimately all sex toys can be used in a couple relationship or for solo play, and any time you or your partner has an orgasm, or a fun sexy time, it’s all around good for everyone.

What are the Best Vibrators?

Finding the best vibrator like a Lelo Soyara or the JimmyJane Form 2 the is never an easy task as there are so many different types of vibrators and it’s not always possible to try every single vibrator!  Luckily for you we have the time and desire, and usually are able to garner free vibrators to test for you.  As we’ve found each vibrator is designed to target different parts of the body, and they can even have different vibrations too!!  From the high pitched whiney vibe that can knock your socks off in minutes, to the low rumbly ones that can give you that earthquake like orgasm, it does take a few attempts to find the best vibes for you.  Every woman has different body types and designs, and different needs and sensitivity, so we try to review the vibes to make sure we cover all the bases to give you the best idea of what it will be like.  This is an exciting time for vibrators as the designs cover the full gamut.  There was a time when all vibrators were either the hitachi wand or cheap plastic dildos with vibrators, now you can find high quality clitoris vibrators, dual head rabbit style vibrators, anal vibrators, regular dildo style vibrators, G-Spot vibrators, and for the adventurous males there are prostate vibrators too!  Each vibrator can also be made of silicone, latex, or other materials.  So many choices, so to start, check out our vibrator reviews here.

Best Male Masturbators?

This is a fun topic for my husband as he loves trying out new male masturbators, I think it comes from enjoying having his penis covered in something other than his hands and he or I can use to get him to climax. In this category you’ll find realistic vaginas and mouths, you’ll find silicone sleeves, some with ribbing, others can be more automated, and some are even labeled one time use male masturbators.

Best Anal Toys?

After you move beyond the taboo of ass play and nervousness of placing things up your bum, you’ll find a ton of possible toys for your anus, from regular dildos to glass dildos, plugs of various sizes and shapes, and even vibrators, and specifically for men you will move into the category of prostate play, which is considered by many to be the equivalent to the female G spot in terms of orgasm quality.

Can Cheap Dildos and Cheap Vibrators work?

In general you find find a ton of cheap dildos of good quality, you’ll just need to make sure to look for the right materials as you don’t want it to fall apart while in use. Cheap vibrators on the other hand aren’t too difficult to find, though quality is always going to be on the lower end when shopping for cheap vibrators. From Bullet eggs to cheap rabbit vibrators you can find a ton of options, though you will need to determine if you want to have the toy last for a long time as the cheaper vibrators will use cheaper parts, and thus are more prone to failure. Cheap dildos can use materials that aren’t high quality, but for the most part you can find great quality dildos at an affordable price point.

Cock Rings and Penis pumps, worth the hype?

While both cock rings and penis pumps advertise their ability to harden male members, cock rings and their vibrating cock ring brothers can do a lot for men within a single sexual situation, though the effects do not last past the encounter, while penis pumps claim that if men use these pumps 3-4 times a week for a few months, they will not only see their penis increase in size, but the penis will thicken as well.